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So far they are the best apps for your toddler 1+ on the market. Tiny Hands feature various apps divided by age that match your child's abilities and likes. They also mirror the tests and tasks for Gifted certification and education for pre-schoolers. This makes the apps a valuable resource for learning and training in a fun and game-like manner. Most of the apps are $2.99 but they are also available for free to try. 

Each app has a set of games a child can play. SORTING, MATCHING, ORDERING, COUNTING, BUILDING, CLASSIFYING, WORDS LEARNING - are the skills trained in each app. Developed with certified child psychologists, those apps seem to "click" with your toddler. They are not too addictive and not too crazy. The content is easy to understand and grasp. At the same time all the concepts are quite complex. It is surprising to watch a toddler get everything so fast. In addition, nice rewards system makes it even easier to learn. They are all compatible with iPad or iPhone/Droid Phone.

Is it worth installing the free version?

I say "Yes". Even a free version has 4 games on avarage available for the child to play. Then later if you like the games you can buy a bundle and save a lot. 

How to choose a bundle?

Tiny Hands apps bundles are sorted by child's age. 

TinyHands Baby Apps Bundle ($7.99) - Fun educational games for toddlers of age 1.5 and up. Features MATCHING, BUILDING and FIRST WORDS. Includes 4 games (2 for 1+ and 2 for 2+ babies)

TinyHands Toddler Apps Bundle ($7.99) - Fun educational games for toddlers of age 2 and up. Features SORTING, MATCHING and BUILDING. Includes 3 games (2+). Note that this one has the same game from previous bundle (TinyHands Sorting 1)

TinyHands Preschool Apps Bundle ($7.99) - Fun educational games for toddlers of age 3 and up. Features SORTING, MATCHING, ORDERING, COUNTING. Includes 3 games (3+)

TinyHands Apps Super Bundle ($24.99) - The best deal for the money. The bundle contains TinyHands Best Sellers - 10 apps. 

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Love to read with my baby. Thank you Wimom for the tips.

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It was great to swim with my mom and play with her. I will remember it.

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