Swim lessons: how to choose?

Summer is here and I am sure a lot of parents wonder if they should start swim lessons for heir kids. Others think it is too early to start. I would say it is never too early to start swim lessons.

So what kind of lessons to choose? 

1) Private lessons - they are most effective for kids that do not need a company too much or who need help with strokes and swim technique. No doubt they are the best for you if you have your own pool or community pool and more then 1 baby. Then a teacher will come to your pool. This saves tons of time. You as a mom can also learn how to teach your baby with private lessons and then use it any time when you are in a pool.

2) Group swim lessons - I would admit that babies love group lessons. It is much more fun to see other kids doing the same drills. So little babies last more in a pool with a good company. It also works well with babies and toddlers that are initially afraid of water for various reasons. 

Both types of lessons give you opporunity to form a bond with your baby. Soon you will be abl to have a meaningful time in a pool with your kids. I am not even mentioning safety again. 

3) Semi-private swim lessons - swim lessons conducted in small groups. 2-3 kids at a time. It is a great way to try and mix both types of lessons. You can always choose what your baby prefers later on. You are still learning on what to do with your baby in the water but you get more teacher-student time. And it is valuable.

What swim lessons to try?

$ Local city offered swim lessons.

Check if your city or town offer swim lessons for residents. They are usually cheaper. Towns usually have swim teams you can get into with older kids. 

$$ Swim schools.

Try YMCA, British Swim School. Just make sure the kids spend more time in water then on a side of the pool waiting for the coach.

$$$ Private swim coaches

You can use Thumbtack.com, Craigslist or care.com to hire a professional you need.

And make sure you keep learning with your kids: always use pool time to practice on what you have learned. Here is a video I made with my 2 kids to give you an example of a lesson you can have with kids in a pool:




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Adina, Adult swim classes, Ad yo

Elena was very professional. I was afraid of water at first. She showed me techniques for various swim styles and I was also able to put my face into the water! I am not scared any more.

Maria Ryabova, 5 yo

[ENG] Elena, thank you for preparing my son for a swimming test! We passed a test to join a swim team!!! Just a few classes, and the kid has a technique that I can't believe he's just a few months in the pool for the first time! Thank you so much!!!

[RUS] Лена, благодарю за подготовку моего сына к тесту по плаванию! Нас взяли в swim team!!! Всего несколько занятий и у ребёнка появилась техника такая, что я не могу поверить, что он всего несколько месяцев впервые залез в бассейн! Спасибо огромное!!!

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